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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  January 11, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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there's the rain this morning moving into southern west virginia, southwestern virginia. heavier down across areas of tennessee and kentucky. it's all moving off toward the east. visibility is also an issue not so much here but in southern maryland. leonardtown visibility down to one quarter after mile. quarter of a mile at the pacs favorral air -- pacs naval air station. look at the 20s. mid-20s for manassas up through martinsburg. monika samtani, 6:00 a.m. with your time saver traffic. no big issues to worry about. the beltway has been looking good all around town. we'll zoom in to the south side of town, northbound i-95. if you're heading northbound, you initially have delays at the prince william parkway to route 1. off and on delays like you see here from lorton to springfield. 395 still looks pretty g. i checked out the cameras at duke street to seminary road. we'll head back out to the maps this time to the north side of town, the beltway where you usually have delays on the
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outer loop forming right now as you head true college park and silver spring. that's what you should expect if that's where you're headed. we'll take a live look from sky 9. here's what it looks like at the beltway into bethesda. things looking just fine through the corridor. in my next report we'll take another look around the area at 6:12. back to you. the top of the hour we are talking politics. mitt romney becomes the first nonincumbent republican ever to win both the iowa caucus and the new hampshire primary. >> i want you to remember when you spent more time dreaming about where to send your kids to college than wondering how to make it to the next paycheck, i want you to remember when you weren't afraid to look at your retirement savings or the price at the pump. i want you to remember when the white house reflects the beps of what we are, not the worst of what europe has become. that america is still out there. we still believe in that america america. >> the headline in today's new
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hampshire union leader newspaper, it's mit by a mile. paul surges to second. with romney widely expected to carry the primary, it was a race for second place. >> congressman ron paul won the silver medal with a good showing. ron paul had about 23% of the vote. john huntsman came in third with 17%. newt gingrich and rick santorum virgtual tie for fourth -- virtual tie for fourth. >> we have brought to the forefront. others have tokenly talked about. they get in office and do nothing about it but right now it's this liberty movement which is seen as a patriotic movement, an individual liberty movement that is saying to the country and to the world we've had enough of sending our kids and our money around the world to be the policeman of the world. it's the time to bring them home. >> i'd say third place is a ticket to ride, ladies and
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gentlemen. hello, south carolina. >> that's what's next. south carolina, their primary saturday, january 21. >> it is back to work today for the legislatures in both virginia and maryland. in annapolis, there are a whole lot of issues on the agenda. >> like same-sex marriage, the death penalty, proposed 15 cent hike in the gas tax. the start of the session is happening today. delia goncalves is live in the satellite center with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. you mentioned the gas tax. when you're paying $3.60, $3.70 a gallon, the last thing you want to hear is a possible increase to the gas tax but lots of folks are considering it. even virginia lawmakers are considering it as a way to make some money this coming session. job creation in schools top priorities over in maryland, however. governor martin o'malley has proposed a record $350 million in school funding. expect some fiery debate in
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maryland over a casino expansion possibly next door at national harbor. and same-sex marriage will resurface supported by the governor but delegates with their eyes on higher office and congress may be shying away from that controversial issue. and of course year after year there is sparked debate over the death penalty. 2012 will be know exception. >> people care deeply about this issue, this notion that in this country people are put to death not because they're guilty necessarily. sometimes they're innocent, but virtually always because they're poor, they're a person of color, or the person that they killed was richer or a different color. >> i think it's time for maryland to abolish the death penalty. i think it's a good year to do it. the governor pushed hard last year. >> reporter: maryland's gas tax, it is currently at 23.5 cents which hasn't changed since 1992 when gas was happily
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at a dollar and 8 cents a gallon. that was the good ole days. coming up in half an hour, we'll have a closer look in richmond and take a look at what virginia lawmakers are doing there a little later today. back to you. >> $1.08 a gallon. bread was a nickel. no, just kidding. >> reporter: you remember those days, don't you? >> i'm almost that old. d.c. councilman -- council chair in fact kwame brown says there will be a special election on may 15. it will fill the vacant council seat in ward 5. that's the seat that was held bihari thomas, jr. till last week. he has resigned as part of a plea deal where he admitted to taking money which was slated for children's charities. last night chairman brown held a meeting in ward 5 to reassure the residents they're not forgotten. >> this was more an information meeting to talk to residents about how we're going to make sure we take care of the people. this was not about politics. we didn't discuss who's
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running, who's not running. this is to let them know we're going to do everything we can to ensure that they had the contact information and someone who is going to respond within 24 hours. >> brown says he's working with the council's other four at large members to ensure that ward 5 is covered. the former ups worker charged in the death of a mother and her daughter gets 100 years in prison on other charges. a judge sentenced 28-year-old jason scott yesterday. in july he was convicted on a list of crimes. argued carjackings, producing child pornography and stealing firearms. he's also facing charges stemming from the 2009 murders of delores and ebony dewitt. this morning we have a consumer alert for you this morning. a march is going to tie up traffic in downtown this afternoon. protesters with amnesty international will head from the white house down part of pennsylvania avenue to constitutional avenue and the supreme court. the march begins at 10:00 this
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morning and it's expected to go until 3:00 this afternoon. d.c. police may be closing some intersections in order to let the protesters through safely. we first told but it yesterday. metro's plan to hike train and bus fares by 5%. it would get rid of the peak of the peak surcharge. we talked to some metro riders to see would they thought. >> i guess sometimes when you're in the rush of the evening or morning commute and you see escalators day after day that are broken, you see lack of staff, trains keep breaking down, you're wondering what you're getting your money's worth to. >> we have to get in the car to drive and find parking, it would be a mess. i would rather pay if they need it for upgrades of escalators, machines. i'd rather pay than not pay. >> metro's board will take up the proposed slate of fare hikes tomorrow morning. it is 6:07. i'm watching your money. after christmas sales are big business. the retailers need to move out the cold weather items and
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restock with spring. also big time for gift card redemptions but what types of deals will you find in stores right now? i headed yesterday morning to the white flint bloomingdale's which is running clearance sales since this particular location is shutting its doors. these are the types of deals i found. there's a sign that reads when you walk into bloomingdale's, 10% to 40% off lowest ticketed price in the entire store. this excludes cosmetics, fragrances and selected vendors. walking around, i found these kinds of deals for you. men's shirt 20% off. name brands like blueberry were at a 20% discount. luggage going for as much as 40% off. in the ladies section, i found some women's dresses at 30% off, name brands like lily pulitzer at 20%. coats were being advertised at 40% off. then i headed over to lord&taylor to see what types of deals they were offering.
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found 0% off naught came -- nautica coats. 50% off the original price of women's coats. of course the big name department stores aren't the only ones slashing prices. h&m some dresses and women's blazers going for $15 and $10 -- $5 and $10 each and men's shirts going for $10. i did a little shopping while i was there, too. 6:09. still ahead, a great homecoming engagement. >> oh, my god. >> you have to stay tuned to see this story. an air force captain surprises her daughters. in five minutes they have even more surprises on tap. no surprise in our forecast, though. howard is calling for rain later today. learn how long it will last when 9news now returns.
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6:12 on this wednesday morning. dry right now. kind of chilly too and frost. we have some fog in southern maryland. watch out for that. 41 degrees at 9:00. still some sun. cloudy at tonight. showers south -- at noon. showers south and west. a wet afternoon. over to you. we're going to take a look from sky 9. traffic moving well both loops of the beltway between bethesda and tysons corner. some slow traffic on 270 coming out of frederick. we'll have more on that coming up in my next report at 6:18. despite promises from president obama to close the facility, the detention center
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at guantanamo has its ten-year anniversary. >> first terrorists arrived ten years ago. there were 680 detainees at gitmo at its peak. the barricades surrounding new york's park are gone now. the park was the epicenter of the occupy wall street movement. the barricades were put up in november. place say they are no longer needed. today first lady michele obama will draw attention to veterans coping with plehn tall health issues. -- mental health issues. she'll travel to richmond to announce a new effort to better train doctors to help veterans. it will involve a hundred medical schools across the country. there have been a lot of happy homecomings these days with troops coming home from iraq and afghanistan but this one we're about to show you may be among the best. >> this was a surprise for two teenage girls in gaithersburg. there was more than one
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surprise. >> reporter: 17-year-old zenita and ashley are growing restless sitting and waiting. they think they're here to put together the gift boxes for troops overseas but really they're about to get the first of three huge surprises. their mom, captain teresa jackson is home early from afghanistan. >> oh, my god. [ screams and cheers ] >> i'm home. my daughters are here. i get to see them. i get to hug them. i get to kiss them. that's all i was thinking about. >> my mom knows i hate surprises because i get really shaken up. i'm still shaking. it really means a lot. >> reporter: but now it's mom's turn to be surprised. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> reporter: her entire family has flown in from down south.
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>> my mom and dad are like, what are you doing here? my sister from florida, they got me. >> the best days of my life. >> reporter: just when the jackson family thinks they can't possibly shed any more tears, they get one more reason to cry. two $20,000 college scholarships from kfc. >> it means a lot to not only us but our family. for this to happen it's really special. >> this is the best moment i've had in my life. it's going to be a couple of days till i get off this high. i couldn't ask for better friends and better family. i'm glad to be home. >> that was fantastic. >> a lot of good right there. go, howard. >> weather wise, you've got it, mike. we've got some cold out there this morning. clear skies, frosty conditions. harrisonburg and points south in the shenandoah valley a winter weather advisory. could be is sleet or freezing rain down that way. if you're going down # 1 this morning, watch -- 81 this morning, watch out for that our
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bus stop forecast, it is frosty out there. still generally clear. the we'll have increasing clouds. 20s and 30s to start your day. that means little ice scraping time for some. sunrise 7:26. sets at 5:06. this afternoon we're not going to see the sunset at all because the clouds will be here along with the rain. some showers by noon, especially south and west of town. wirchs will turn -- winds will turn southeast 5 to 10 and will pick up -- the rain that is will pick up. raining steady. the first part of the night will be on the moderate to occasionally heavy side with highs about 45, maybe 46, 47 this evening. we'll warm a little bit tonight. from the 20s where we are now in culpeper 25, 27 winchester, cumberland 25. east of us we've got 28 in easton. there's also some fog down around pacs river. southern st. marys, a half to quarter mile or less. 31 springfield.
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27 for laurel. it is 34 now at the andrews air force base. 25 manassas and sterling and reston. those are the cold spots. outside looking at the camera, it is nice out there this morning. clear and cold. temperature at reagan national 33 degrees. feeling like 28. our dew points at 29. the barometer slowly falling as low pressure heads this way. lots of rain out to the west. you see it approaching southern ohio right now through kentucky, tennessee down through alabama. atlantic getting some rain. flyers going through hartsfield, you may see delays from that. around here, the future cast, the clouds will be thickening. by late this morning, we'll be cloudy. during the afternoon the rain rolls in. here we are at 3:00. we're all seeing rain. maybe a little sleet or wet snow flakes mixing in far western maryland here. at 6:45 more rain. so the evening commute is going to abslow, wet one. -- to be a slow, wet one. rain around tonight. will taper off some after midnight. tomorrow ends up being a decent
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day. sunshine returns. but by friday act irk air -- arctic air returns. could be a lingering shower in the morning and a stray one in the afternoon. 57 on thursday. blustery on friday with snow showers possible. 36. yeah, 20 degrees colder on friday afternoon than thursday afternoon. saturday and sunday still in the low to mid-30s but flurries sunday and slightly milder, still cool monday and tuesday. it's 6:18. time saver traffic. got some new stuff. >> i do all i really need to tell but is the delays. there are no major accidents to report. i'm very happy to say. i'm going to keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way. on the northbound side of i-95 looking g. just the slow traffic. let's take a live look into springfield. on the northbound side the initial delays will be from dale city and i'm sorry to say it's kind -- it kind of stinks. it's all the way to the franconia springfield parkway before it improves. brake lights begin right here at duke street. those are continuous to seminary road before take pace
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picks up to the 14th street bridge. a live look at the inbound side of i-66. you've got slow traffic here from business route 234 to route 28 in centreville. then again it's going to slow down just a bit as you head into fairfax. coming up in my next report, we'll go into midmerchandise at 6:-- into maryland at 6257. are you sitting down? the wizards actually won a game last night. next in sports, they came up big. >> 6:19. let's get another check on the question of the morning. according to a recent survey, which one of these electronic devices do you think seem the most annoy something is it an alarm clock, a car alarm or a ringing phone. >> kim says it is b, a car alarm hands down. it goes off everywhere and does anybody ever listen to look and see if it's not a real robber? no. especially at the mall we just
6:20 am
walk on by. keep the answers coming. we'll reveal the answer at 6:49. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. coming up on 6:23, we do our weather first. lots of cold skies out there but get ready for a wet day. we start out frosty. may have to spend an extra minute or two scraping the windshield if you park outside. this afternoon rain develops. it will get moderate to occasionally heavy this afternoon and tonight with highs in the middle 40s. mike? >> thank you, howard. the capitals biggest rival comes to town. the pittsburgh penguins are at the verizon center. >> the pens have the eighth seed. caps are two points behind. >> the wizards were at home last night hosting the toronto raptors fingers crossed. the coach shook the starting lineup and the team responded. a three-man break.
6:24 am
what? john wall with the alley-oop. d.c. up 12 at the half. trevor booker scored 8 points, including the jam. two there. wizards win their first game of the season 93-78. they're going to try to make it two in a row tonight. they visit the chicago bulls, however. the redskins brian arapahoe deemed surgery a success. the outside linebacker suffered the injury in the final game of the season sacking michael vick. he underwent surgery tuesday and should be ready for next season. last night blacksburg virginia tech hosted florida state. eric green had 19 second half points for tech but missed the game time jumper with 13 seconds remaining. hokies lose 63-59. they fall to 0-2 in acc play this season. coming up on 6:25. still ahead, it's the first day for lawmakers in richmond.
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we'll have a preview of what's on the agenda. mitt romney wins big in the new hampshire primary. next a look ahead to south carolina and whether romney already has this nomination sewn up. let's check on the commute. getting word of a possible serious situation in bethesda on route 355 at cedar lane. i'll keep you posted on that when we come back in a couple of minutes. you're watching 9news now. stay with us. [ mom ] hey guys.
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just about 6:29. we are back. this is the place you can always get your weather first. a live look at the springfield interchange. it might be a mess later today when the rain moves in. 31 degrees there right now though. thank you for starting your wednesday morning with us. i'm jessica doyle. andrea is off today. i'm mike hydeck. howard bernstein has our forecast. here's howard and your weather first. >> reporter: it is a cold morning out here but not too bad. temperatures down in the 30s. some 20s in the burbs. scraper alert. it's frosty in many of the suburbs with temperatures in the 20s. day planner we have the sunshine mixing with some clouds early but becoming overcast later this morning. might see showers south and west here by the noon hour. we'll be up to 44 in d.c. with a 5:00 p.m. temperature also 44. by mid afternoon steady rains are moving in. some of that rain later today, tonight will be on the moderate
6:30 am
to heavy side. you can see some of that rain this morning into southern west virginia, kentucky, tennessee, down through atlanta could be some flight delays. same thing with charlotte and raleigh. any flyers going that way. the high thin clouds just to d.c. now. i can still see the moon out to our west. the fog another issue in southern maryland. we have visibilities at pacs river at three-quarters of a mile. so some patchy fog in extreme southern maryland and temperatures this morning from the mid-20s in the shenandoah valley to the low 30s here in washington. monika is inside looking at time saver traffic here at 6:30. unfortunately we're getting world of a serious situation in bethesda. good morning, everybody. it's on the northbound side of route 355 just inside the beltway at cedar lane. what we're hearing is that all lanes are blocked. let's go to one of our cameras. you can kind of get a gauge of what's going on the northbound side of route 355 at cedar lane.
6:31 am
be aware that just outside of this camera shot, we had word that authorities had blocked off all the lanes with delays beginning at jones bridge road. so go ahead and use an alternate route. old georgetown road. we'll keep you posted on that situation. we'll take a look at the beltway on the north side of town near connecticut avenue. this is fine. on the outer loop here it does slow down from 95 to georgia avenue. once here in bethesda, you're okay. no problems to report on 270. just the normal slow stuff out of germantown. i'll update you on the situation in bethesda at 6:45. back to you. >> thank you. it is 6:31. cbs this morning has a one on one interview with first lady michele obama. we have a preview of that right now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. coming up only on cbs this morning, we'll take you inside the white house where i asked first lady michele obama about reports of friction with
6:32 am
presidential advisors. we talked to her about a lot of things. the children, the campaign, the. there's a lot more to this interview. we'll see what 7 -- we'll see you at 7:00 on cbs this morning. i was going to stop by for lunch but i heard you and mike are very busy. >> we would love to have lunch with you. kevin king sends his love. >> reporter: yes. i used to work at that station when i was a puppy, a student at university of maryland. kevin king was the cameraman. i remember him very well. >> we'd love to have lunch with you any time. >> reporter: hello to kevin. thanks. the voting is over and no surprise mitt romney was the winner of the new hampshire primary. he got 39% of the vote in the granite state. ron paul coming in second with nearly 23%. john huntsman who spent a lot of time in the state came in third with about 17%. newt gingrich and rick santorum nearly tied for fourth. what happens next? can mitt romney sew up the
6:33 am
g.o.p. nomination by the end of the month? joining us with some insight this morning is ed o'keefe of "the washington post." they keep saying they want to go 4-4 and deal a knock youth blow. is this -- knock outblow. is it possible? >> reporter: he could. by the end of the month this could pretty much be all but over. i have a feeling that south carolina is where it could get really nasty. i think a lot of these so- called super packs, these groups that are running ads in support of different candidates could very well, you know, throw a lot admit romney in the coming days. -- at mitt romney in the coming days. they could potentially chip away at romney's lead in south carolina. >> this is one of the latest polls from south carolina. romney is at 30%. newt gingrich is making a strong showing. apparently his pack is starting to spend some money. ron paul who finished very strong in new hampshire in
6:34 am
south carolina doesn't seem to be playing as well at 9% and rick perry who skipped new hampshire all together with 1% of so the et in new hampshire -- of the vote in new hampshire only 5% in south carolina. i think we could definitely see some movement in the numbers. the fact that gingrich does well is he's also from the south, from neighboring georgia. it's essentially a race for second and third yet again with romney out in front. >> oftentimes in historical context, republicans coalesce around their nominee or proposed nominee. it's almost sometimes a foregone conclusion when we go into this process. this time completely different. it was anybody but romney for a long time. now he's starting to gain steam. he's always had money. why is it different now than the last time you were in and the beginning of that race up till now? >> he's the presumed front- runner. he cleared the field.
6:35 am
three years ago it was john mccain. republicans have a way of picking the next guy in line. he is the next guy in lane because he played second to mccain four years ago. the fact he won new hampshire and the first republicans since the 1970's to win iowa and new hampshire back to back, i think you'll see a lot of republicans saying let's not fight. let's get behind the one guy. he clearly has it but the others will say only 12 delegates won last night. you need about a thousand to win. this could still be anyone's race. there could be some weaknesses in romney and perhaps somebody else will emerge. >> and there's still lots of money out there to be had. thank you. thank so you much. the virginia legislature starts its session today in richmond. the governor is calling this one of the most important sessions in a long, long time. delia goncalves joins me live. why is it so important?
6:36 am
>> reporter: first, his career. 50 new members are being sworn in. republicans now control a majority there. and the -- i'm sorry, the governor has been considered a potential vice presidential candidate. so all eyes are on virginia. the governor as well. as always, transportation of course tops the priority in virginia, especially for northern virginia lawmakers. the state has an annual maintenance shortfall of $500 million which means money meant for construction projects. usually ends up paying for road repairs. there are two very different ideas on how to make up that money. democrats want to raise the gas tax which has been 17.5 cents for 26 years. republicans support carving out the transportation budget from the general fund. >> in my area of the county, the transportation nightmare has become an economic development problem because we can't approve new development, new jobs, new houses. >> i consider transportation particularly in virginia where basically we own, operate and
6:37 am
maintain essentially, not totally, but essentially the entire transportation structure, infrastructure in virginia. so i think it is of course a service and i do think money needs to come out of the general fund. >> we alluded to this is an important year session for the governor. he's literally told lawmakers play nice. republicans are coming in. i know there will be fiery debate, but this is an important year for me, a lot is at stake. please play nice, get along. >> reporter: education a big issue this year for the legislature. maybe some real changes for students in virginia. >> absolutely. students in virginia may be going to school a bit earlier. he's trying to repeal the kings dominion law which means that school starts after labor day so he wants the school year to start a little earlier. he's also asking for another 100 million in funding for higher education. >> money good. kids probably won't like the change. >> reporter: there's a lot of work to do. hit the books. >> thanks so much.
6:38 am
16 upons after a deadly -- months after a deadly daytime shooting which shocked the district, police make two more arrests in the case. it happened along u street in northwest back on september 2010. jamal coates died after gunfire, a car chase and more gunfire. monday police arrested 23-year- old mar seles jackson and 20- year-old teira johnson. both are charged with murder one. another suspect has already been arrested and charged in the case. people living in the district's au park neighborhood will meet tomorrow about a string of robberies there. police say three people were mugged in the area just minutes apart over the weekend. residents say they have asked police to increase patrols there. >> step up your patrols. we'd like to see more at night as opposed during the day when you're doing the tighting. >> police -- ticketing. >> police tell 9news now they
6:39 am
are aware of the trend and are planning strategies to deploy more officers to that neighborhood. creative differences are getting in the way of a memorial honoring president dwight eisenhower. it's slated to be built along maryland avenue near sixth street southwest. frank gary's concept focuses heavily on eisenhower's boyhood home in kansas. the family of the 34th president objects to the design saying it neglects military accomplishments and his time in the white house. they've asked the planning commission to delay the memorial till their concerns are met. time 6:39. we don't know if you're ready for winter driving but virginia sure is. >> monika takes us behind the scenes of a new command center. learn how it hopes to make driving in the snow a little less messy. no snow in the forecast. rain is, however. should start after lunch. highs in the 40s. coming up next howard will tell us how long this is going to last. now a quick check of what's on channel 9 tonight at 8:00. it's "kind minds.
6:40 am
-- it's "crime minds." after that the people's choice awards and 9news now at 11:00.
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6:44 am
howard bernstein is here with the forecast. you need your scraper this morning if you're just getting up. >> scraper this morning, umbrella and rain jacket this afternoon. >> time for your weather first. >> thank you, michael. we have a frosty start out there. rain moving in. some of the rain will get heavy. we have fog down south. lots going on. your bus stop forecast on this wednesday morning, frosty out there. a little bit of sunshine. going to be seen early but clouds increasing. sun up at 7:26 this morning. it sets at 5:06 this afternoon. day planner, let's break it down. this morning 9:00, still some sunshine peeking through the high clouds. they're thickening. 41 degrees. noontime cloudy action maybe a shower or to south and west of town. rain this afternoon. everywhere by 3:00. by 1:00 i think we'll be wet
6:45 am
here in the district. 44 degrees through 6:00 p.m. some of the rain this afternoon, tonight, moderate to even heavy at times. temperatures running in the 30s. as warm as 39 at the pacs river naval air station but 20s authority and west of town. culpeper 27. fredricksburg is 30. when you factor in some of the winds, really not that bad. looking at some of the clouds but still some breaks out there in the distance behind the weather camera. the current temperature is 33 at reagan national under clear skies. northeast winds at 6 miles an hour. and the barometer starting to fall off. if you're traveling down i-81. want to tell you about a winter weather advisory. a little bit of sleet or freezing rain possible as the rain comes up 81. that's where they could just see a little bit of wintry weather. around here, we expect the rain to be moving in really after the noon hour. late this morning southwest to northeast. so we're going to be too warm for any wintry precip but clearly by 3:00 p.m. everybody seeing the rain. and for the evening rush, look at the wall of water on top of
6:46 am
us. could be a rather slow go of things. later because of that rain moving in along with just the normal hustle and bustle of trying to get home. rain moderate to heavy at times through midnight. tomorrow could be an early shower. then mild, 57. stray shower late. strong front thursday night, friday. so we're going to get some rain showers turning to snow showers and staying cold and blustery friday, mid-30s. low to mid-30s through the weekend. in fact, a few more flurries possible sunday and back to 40 for monday. could be more rain on tuesday. it is 6:46. time saver traffic, here's monika. i'm going to go straight to a live picture if sky 9. this is the northbound side of route 355 at cedar lane in bethesda where there was an accident involving a couple of pedestrians struck. got news is they were transported and they should be okay. the bad news right now is that you've got this delay in bethesda heading northbound on route 355. maybe you want to use old georgetown road instead.
6:47 am
in the meantime let's go out to the map. mark penn line 407 is running 20 to 25 minutes late. we'll head outside. the outer loop of the beltway first on the north side, you've got delays beginning just past this point at route 1. it really begins at 95. then pretty much jammed over to georgia avenue. the lanes are open into silver spring. it's just very slow. let's go into virginia. on the northbound side of 95 you've got your initial slow traffic if dale city as you head into newington. a little here in springfield. let's go a little further north on to 395 where you've got the slow traffic beginning at duke street and it pretty much ends then at seminary road. coming up in my next report, i'll update you on area roadways. that's it. >> monika is still here because she has a cool story to show us. you ever wonder how they move all those hundreds of pieces of equipment around the state when there's snow or an emergency? it's a complex process. >> you're showing us a new agency, new center where all of these safety agencies get together and work together to make sure we can get to work
6:48 am
when it snows out. >> that's great news, especially for us drivers when there are big problems. in this morning's extra mile report, a look at the steps ddot is taking. it's a partnership of county and state agencies, vug the virginia -- including the virginia department of transportation. from the center vdot oversees eight counties, signal timing and traffic cameras for the region sharing information with the other agencies on the floor. >> vdot has their video wall. they control their cameras but we can access the images throughout the facility. the 9 911 operators can access the aim js. >> reporter: vdot has 180 cameras on the interstate fed real time. since last year's snowmageddon which left traffic snarled on the highways, its goal now is to get information to the public about road conditions as
6:49 am
quickly as possible. >> we want to communicate that to the other agencies, make sure we're in contact with them, letting them know what's going on. >> reporter: if there's an extreme situation on the roads, vdot also has a plan in place to activate the hov gates and lanes along i-95 and 66. >> typically it takes how long? >> about an hour and a half to do that. we're trying to get it to 15 minutes if we can. >> reporter: winter has yet to show its wrath in d.c. in 2012 but if it does, vdot says they are ready. >> the plan is in place for major snow storms this winter in case of an event. a group of supervisors convene in a situational room. they can get that information out as quickly as possible not only to the public but to government agencies as well. >> there's no businesslike snow business. >> exactly. they're in the middle of a six- year plan to now get 600 cameras out there. and then they will have a new technology where they can detect a problem within seconds
6:50 am
and disseminate that information to police and crew housed in the center. a lot of cameras. six-year plan, they're in year two right now. >> like the sound of that. thank you. let's check on the question of the morning. we're going to answer it. according to a recent survey, which of these electronic devices was deemed basically the most annoying. a, the alarm clock, b, the car alarm, or c, a ringing phone. >> the answer is b, a car alarm. wow. that is annoying. apparently -- [ inaudible ] >> you hear step away from the vehicle. >> wow, this is really annoying.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
at 6:53, 33 degrees here in washington of the still mainly clear but we have clouds
6:54 am
rolling in. cloudy at noon. a couple of showers starting to break out south and west and wet this afternoon. high around 45. today is wednesday, january 11. here's a check of the news before you go. a virginia judge says it looks like rick perry will get on the primary ballot. perry and three other g.o.p. candidates failed to get on the ballot. they say the rules were unconstitutional. mitt romney and ron paul did make the ballot. the opening of the new transit center in silver spring will be delayed. it was supposed it open last year. now it's not going to open till this summer. the facility will put metro buses and marc commuter rail all under one roof. the wizardses have finally won a game this season. they crushed the toronto raptors last night 93-78. nick young had 15 points. the wizards visit the chicago bulls tonight. cbs this morning begins at the top of the hour with a recap of the new hampshire pry appear. plus, before that get one more check on traffic and weather. keep it here with 9news now.
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welcome back. one more thing before we go. steven colbert for president? no. the south carolina primary is coming up. they conducted a poll and colbert in that poll officially beat john hundredsman in the poll -- john huntsman in the poll. if you may remember, last year in 2007 he was going to try to run for president but they wouldn't let him do it. hysterical. got a cold frosty start.
6:59 am
clouds are rolling in. this afternoon we turn wet. 45. but a very wet commute tonight. tomorrow an early shower, mild. could be a stray shower late, 57. look how much colder. snow showers friday, 36. a cold weekend ahead. temps in the 30s. monika? on the northbound side of route 355 a live look from sky 9. there had been a serious situation at cedar lane. it was cleared up. two pedestrians struck there but you've got this delay. let's take a look on the other side of town. outer loop slows down 95 to georgia. then here across the legion bridge. a quick look at 395, it's duke to seminary. cbs this morning is next with fallout from the new hampshire primary. gayle king has her first interview with michele obama about life inside the white house. we'll be back in 25 minutes with an update on task and weather. download our free app for your inn phone or android. see you tomorrow morning at 4:25. have a great day, everybody.


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